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Charlotte County looks to add more sidewalks & bike lanes

The Charlotte County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) needs the public’s input as they work to put together a bike and pedestrian plan for local roads.

“I ride facing traffic because I don’t trust people behind me. I can’t see them. And then I ride to the nearest sidewalk and I just stay on that sidewalk and just ride all the way round even if it’s a little bit longer,” said one bike rider.

The goal of the project is to bring safety and security to bicyclists and pedestrians as they share the roads with drivers.

By building a countywide network of sidewalks, trails and bike lanes, it will be easier than ever for everyone to get around.

“A lot of the folks that are coming down and retiring now want to go out and ride their bike or walk because it’s beautiful weather. They have plenty of time on their hands and maybe they don’t have to get in their car to go places,” said Gary Herrell, the MPO director for Charlotte County.

The agency says having a master plan isn’t just good for walkers and cyclists—local taxpayers could save money by increasing the MPO’s chances when applying for grants.

Cyclists say they’re looking forward to seeing a more bike and pedestrian-friendly Charlotte County.

The MPO wants your input on the project. You can go to the MPO website and plot a map where you think more sidewalks and bike lanes should be added.

The county hopes to complete their comprehensive plan by the end of July.