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Low-cost airlines attract more people to Punta Gorda Airport


Nearly 1 million people are flying in and out of Punta Gorda Airport so far this year.

“It’s amazing the number of people that are passing through this little airport,” said Jeff Barlow, of Punta Gorda. 

Cost and convenience are reason enough for some passengers to fly out of Punta Gorda rather than Southwest Florida International Airport. 

“It’s a wonderful airport, convenient,” said Andrew Wilhite. 

“I paid less than half,” added Richard Marquez, of New York. 

Thursday, Allegiant Air launched its 31st destination, which flies non-stop to Dayton, Ohio.

“The explosion of Allegiant flights, as it keeps growing, has been a big economic boom for everybody along the southwest gulf coast,” Lorah Steiner, Charlotte County Director of Tourism. 

According to the airline, the new flight could bring in more than 18,000 visitors to southwest Florida. 

Just weeks old, Frontier Airline is parking itself right next door to its only competitor at the airport. 

“I’m amazed that they are building as much as they have in the infrastructure and so forth when it’s as close to Fort Myers, said Wilhite. 

RSW is the go-to airport in Southwest Florida for nearly 6.5 million people this year and counting.

But with competitive rates less than forty miles away, some are willing to make the drive. 

“They’re interested in coming here, we just need to hook them,” said Steiner.