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Englewood boat races 2016

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL – The dates have been set and the fundraising is underway. Power boats will be back in Englewood this year, but will something new– Waterfest.

Englewood Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Ed Hill explains,”Waterfest is going to be a two week event here in Englewood and a highlight for Water Fest if you will, will be the four day boat race which will occur between Nov 18-22.”

Last year Charlotte County Commissioners voted to pull the plug on their funding for a followup race after what they say was bad book keeping by the previous organizer (Charlotte Harbor Super Boat Grand Prix).

Area business managers like Lock and Key’s, Scott Barber says he’s in favor of the Waterfest.

“The boat races did bring people here, it was more or less for the races, it didn’t show everything this community has to offer.”

Hill says with better planning and more community involvement, he’s confident Waterfest will be more of a success than last year’s race.

“The whole community wasn’t as engaged as we felt it should be, there was a missing element where the charities weren’t involved and it wasn’t a very long event, folks where here for just a couple days, it just didn’t have the economic impact we thought it should,” he says.

Scheduled for November, Waterfest will also feature fishing, paddle boating and kayaking.

It will also span over two weeks rather than just one weekend, all during a time when the rush is welcome.

Barefoot Trader Manager, Tiffany Larson says timing is everything.   

“It’s gonna be a better time of year for us considering last year they did it in our busiest time of year so I didn’t really see too big of a difference but I think November will be a good time to bring people to the beach.”

Hill adds his team has already raised $20-30 thousand for the event, but it’s just the beginning, last year’s race cost more than $300 thousand.