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Burn ban being considered by Charlotte County officials


With serious brush fires continuing to spark, Charlotte County officials are talking about implementing a burn ban, yet the decision won’t be made for several more days.

The county will decide next week whether or not to put a burn ban in place.

It would mean no fireworks, camp fires or any type of outdoor burning.

Some communities in Southwest Florida have already banned outdoor burning, fearing dry conditions are ripe for wildfires.

Chief Bill Van Helden with Charlotte County Fire and EMS said this has been one of the worst brush fire seasons in years.

“It’s not just the number of fires we’ve seen but the complexity,” Van Helden said. “It’s not just the fact that we’re having fires, it’s the fact that they’re growing to up to 100 acres.”

Some of those flames have come dangerously close to homes.

That’s why the county is looking at a burn ban. It won’t be official until an emergency meeting and public hearing by commissioners Tuesday.

The chief said waiting until then isn’t a huge problem as they’ve been doing public outreach about using common sense in fires. 

“Don’t throw cigarettes out the windows. Don’t assume a camp fire unattended will stay that way,” Van Helden said.